Swamped Button

The AskAway Portal – Staff Tools has a new feature: a button that will automatically create an email addressed to the listserv saying that AskAway is swamped. All you have to do to is press “send”. The button is located in the section called “Tools for your shift”. This feature was requested by a service provider, and we are pleased to make it available; we’re always happy to hear new ideas or suggestions.

The Swamped button has limitations: it works only if your email is set up using an email client (such as Thunderbird, Outlook or Mail). We are hoping to create something similar that will work without an email client in the near future. Additionally, your email must be sent from the address subscribed to the listserv, or it will not get through.

Feel free to contact us with questions.

– AA Admin <aaoffice@sfu.ca>

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