Network Speeds Refresher

This is a refresher about an ongoing topic when working with so many different libraries around the region: differing network speeds.

If you notice you’re picking up calls more frequently than others, you probably have a faster network speed, and may become aware of AskAway users several seconds before other librarians on AskAway. It can be difficult to hold back when you know there is a person waiting with a question, but it’s quite possible that holding back could help to provide a better overall AskAway experience. On the other end of the spectrum, you may notice you are unable to pick up calls because they have been claimed before you had the opportunity to pick them up.

In either situation, Campfire is a useful tool for communicating with other librarians that you believe one of you may have a faster or slower network speed.

One option is to transfer a call if you pick one up before realizing that perhaps another librarian didn’t have the chance to do so. Use Campfire to initiate transferring a call, or to offer to take a transfer.

If you seem to have a faster network speed, you can always take the time to read the question before picking up the call, and check which institution it is from- this may give another librarian working with you the time to hear the call come in.

For more tips, feel free to revisit the earlier post on this subject: Network Speeds – Tips

– Reece, BC ELN

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