Lost call? Before you end your session…

Check-out part one of this post Lost call? Here’s a few reasons why… first!

So now you have a red dot Red or unresponsive patron what do you do? Before you end the session, here’s a few tips for providing a consistent patron experience for AskAway users:

1. Inform the patron that you are going to end the session, give a reason why, and give them a few moments to respond before you exit.

2. If time permits, offer any additional resources or suggestions that may help with their question before you close the session.

3. Encourage them to return for additional assistance on AskAway or provide them with a link to email, telephone or in-person reference assistance at their home library.

Most importantly patrons can disappear for long periods of time and even return to a session from a red dot indicator Red and find it frustrating that their question was closed without any explanation. Just remember that until the “Patron is no longer connected.” message appears.. they may still return!

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