Patron Status Indicators

There are a variety of helpful indicators available in QuestionPoint to inform us of the current status of our patrons. During these busy times it can be helpful to know at a glance if our:

( ! ) Patron is typing.
(+) Just sent a new response.
Yellow Is off searching or may be slow responding.
Red If they may have disconnected from the session.

Check out the AskAway Flash Symbols guide for additional information on all the QP indicators and their meaning.

NOTE: Please be aware that these indicators are not always accurate. For example lately patrons have been returning from a red dot indicator Red to a green one Green and until the patron is disconnected message appears – they may return! The patron is typing (!) indicator is also often not accurate. If they are typing for a long time without a new message appearing you may want to check-in on their progress.

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