New Script: Contact Security Situations

With the new mobile AskAway option and the prevalence of laptops in libraries, AskAway service providers are responding more and more to patron security complaints & queries. At times it can be difficult to know what to do when an upset or stressed patron asks for help… Should we provide them with contact information or call and pass along the concern/complaint ourselves?

For consistency in dealing with theseĀ  situations, which are often more complex and time-consuming than they initially seem, we recommend that you provide the appropriate contact information and inform patrons they will need to make the call themselves for assistance. We cannot call campus security for them.

Check out the new Problem – Contact Security script available to make it easier to quickly deal with situations like noise complaints, smoke & fire concerns, theft, first-aid requests and more…

Problem – Contact Security: This sounds like a situation you should contact Campus Security to deal with. I can help you find their contact information, but I can’t call them for you. Hang on while I look for that information…

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