New Option for Evening Staff

Do you work end of the day AskAway shifts?  Then you know how frustrating it can be wrapping up your chats while also juggling incoming after-hours questions.  Now you don’t have to!

QuestionPoint has added the ability to deselect the active Queue and still continue with existing chats at closing time. This allows librarians to finish up with current questions without the added pressure of sending out the Closed scripts to new patrons arriving after hours.

How to do this? At closing time (1) Click on the Queue link at the top of the librarian viewscreen and (2) Uncheck and Save the list of Queue’s monitored to zero (0), even if you have live chats in progress. The service will close when every librarian has left the AskAway Queue. The Qwidget and Fullscreen Chat links on library web pages will close allowing you to wrap up your current questions without new questions being queued.

Just a couple important notes to librarians that use this feature with Qwidget chats!

The Qwidget script can take a few minutes to close on every library page. During this time patrons may submit new questions which are not viewable to librarians that have left the queue. These patrons will, within a few minutes, have their question closed and updated with the AskAway closed/hours information.

Also, if you have Qwidget sessions open and leave the queue to wrap them up – your student may lose the ability to email their transcript or complete a survey once the session is closed by the patron or yourself. If your patron would like the transcript emailed advise them to click on the email icon below the chat and enter their email early (check-off Anonymous). They can do this at any time during the Qwidget session and return to the ongoing chat.

Have any questions? Contact Sunni for additional information.

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