Resolution Codes

The renewed focus on the descriptive codes has generated some questions about use of the resolution codes, so here’s a refresher…

There are five resolution codes available as you end your AskAway sessions, but please use only these three: Answered, Lost Call, and Practise.

The resolution codes are simply a function of the QuestionPoint software – they tell the software what to do with the question.  They have very little to do with the content of your transaction. Using any other resolution codes (i.e. Follow-up by Me) will tell the QP software not to ‘close’ the question, and it will adversely affect statistics.

Use Lost Call in all cases where you felt that there was some technical reason why the patron disappeared abruptly and unexpectedly, i.e. neither of you intended the call to end.

Use Answered in all other cases where you felt that both you and the patron were aware that the call was coming to an end.  This is regardless of whether you felt you answered the question or not.

If you’re not sure, use Answered.

Use Practise for any practise sessions.

Hope that clarifies!  Let me know if you have any other questions.

– Sunni


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