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Douglas College computer system shutdown: February 11-15

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016
Hello all,

Douglas College will experience a full computer systems shutdown between 9pm on Thursday Feb 11th and 6am Monday Feb 15th in order to relocate the College’s main server and network equipment room.

Although this information will be posted on the Douglas College website, there will likely be many confused students in AskAway. Students will be able to use the library website and One Search, but they will not have access to any full text articles. 

If you are helping a Douglas College student, please let them know the hours of the shutdown, and bear in mind the free and open-access resources that are still available to them. Here are a few for your reference:

List of free collections via reSearcher:

Links compiled by AskAwayers, organized by subject: 

Douglas College librarians will continue staffing AskAway as normal during the shutdown.

Please contact the Admin Centre with any questions.