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Don’t forget to log into Campfire!

Friday, June 17th, 2011

A number of AskAwayers have requested that I send out a reminder about Campfire.  One AAer said:

“Can you please send out another AskAway reminder to ask people to log into campfire, and to make a note to the campfire board if they need to step away from their computers? I’m on a shift right now, and 2 out of 4 librarians are not in campfire. Knowing that librarians are temporarily away from their computers makes queue management more streamlined.”

Please remember to log into Campfire during your AskAway shifts – it makes a tremendous difference to the folks working with you and ultimately improves the patron experience.

Don’t feel chatty?  Logging into Campfire and entering the chat room doesn’t mean you have to chat!  It just means you’ll be aware if something important comes up during your shift, or you can easily let your colleagues know if you have to step away.

How do I use Campfire?

You should have received an email invitation from Campfire with a link to set up a Campfire login.  It may have shown up in your SPAM folder, so check there.  Still don’t see it? Let me know and I’ll re-send.

Once your login is set up, use the Campfire login link on the Staff Portal to login to Campfire on your next AskAway shift.

Click on the AskAway Staff Chat room to enter it.  Keep Campfire open in a separate browser window during your shift.  It will bing at you when there is a new message, or you can turn the sound off and just watch for the flashing icon or (1) in the tab letting you know there is a new message.

The interface is very intuitive and easy to use, but instructions are available on the Staff Portal.

Having trouble logging into Campfire?  Didn’t receive an Campfire email invitation?  Have questions?  Let me know!