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Coordinator Holidays

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Hi folks,

Just a head’s up that I will be away from the office July 1-23, 2010, but checking email periodically. Please contact Gordon Coleman with any urgent matters. I will respond to any other matters on my return.



Patron Exit Survey Results for May 2009 – April 2010

Monday, June 28th, 2010

The results from the AskAway Patron Exit Survey for the past year have been sorted and here’s some of the comments and results you may find interesting.


Between May 2009 and April 2010 there were 19,502 AskAway calls and a total of 1,240 (6.36%) Patron Exit Surveys completed. Almost 65% of patrons responding to surveys were new to AskAway and 96.5% of all respondents would use AskAway again.

  • Nearly half of the survey respondents used other library services for their question before AskAway with 47.5% using the Reference/Information services in-person, by telephone or via email. Many patrons also tried searching for the information on their own first (38.9%) before turning to AskAway for assistance.
  • The majority of the survey respondents found out about AskAway from a link on the library website or article database (67.8%) which is a small decrease from the previous overall 2008 survey results of 75.6%. In the comments others indicated they “have used it many times before” and may not remember how they originally discovered the service.
  • Almost 30% of respondents chose AskAway because they were off-campus (with 13.1% of patrons indicating they were Distance students) or were searching for online resources (33.1%). Over 20% also stated they preferred online services and left feedback such as “This service is very helpful and allows you to search online while simultaneously speaking to someone. It is extremely helpful to have information in real-time.”
  • Over 40% of respondents were college (21.5%) & 1st-2nd year undergraduates (22.1%) along with approximately 23% describing themselves as 3rd-4th year undergraduates and nearly 20% graduate students. Over 10% of patrons indicated they were other patrons such as alumni, public or high-school students.

The suggestions and comments were predominantly positive or constructive and are worthwhile browsing. Most patrons indicated they found AskAway fast, easy and convenient.

  • Other comments reinforce that using swamped scripts during busy times is appreciated and most patrons are patient when questions take longer: “The person I spoke with not only gave me multiple sources for help, but was very pleasant and patient and waited for me to get the right answer.”
  • The respondents also remind us to refer or transfer when appropriate: “I thought the person was very helpful, actually one person even passed me along to another!” emphasizing that AskAway users appreciate the extra effort we put into the service.

We hope you find the results and feedback of the Patron Exit Surveys useful and enjoy the positive comments from patrons like this one who wins the award for Best Comment of the Year!

“Both times I have used AskAway I leave speechless with the amount of dedication into answering my questions they put. I am made to feel as if answering my question is a joy to them (whether or not it actually is I’m sure it can’t be fun!) but AskAway has redeemed my faith of the future of libraries in an increasingly technological age. Truly a wonderful feature.”

For the complete results check out the page posted to ELN’s web site under Administrator Tools >> Statistics and Feedback >> AskAway Surveys

QuestPoint User Survey

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

QP has put together a user survey to help them prioritise their software development for the next year. This is an exciting opportunity for us to have input into how the QP software moves forward, and to provide QP with feedback. Please take a few minutes to answer the survey, and feel free to forward to any AskAwayers who may not have received this information. It will be available until August 6.

To take the survey, please go to:

– Sunni

Update re: Qwidget Issues

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Most libraries have now updated their Qwidgets, so the only patrons that might still be experiencing the repeating librarian messages are the ones from the following sites:

Northwest Community College
University of the Fraser Valley

We’re working with these sites to get the Qwidgets updated ASAP.

– Sunni

Online Learning Opportunity – Cochrane DB of Systematic Reviews (via EBMR)

Monday, June 21st, 2010

The following up-coming online learning opportunity on the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews will be of interest to AskAwayers.

All AskAway libraries have access to this resource via the eHLbc subscription to Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews (EBMR), so it is a great resource for AskAwayers to be familiar with.

* * * * * * * *

Cochrane & Systematic Reviews – Librarians’ Round Table Online

You are invited to join us online in Wimba at

Thursday, June 24, 12:00 to 12:30 for a librarians’ round table about the
Cochrane Collaboration and Systematic Reviews.

UBC’s Nursing Librarian, Lee Ann Bryant, will start the round table,
sharing her approach with students.
We’ll look at, the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
(eHLbc licensed), and PubMed.

For instructions on joining a Wimba class, please see

*** Planning to come?  An email to  would be much appreciated! ***

Everyone welcome!