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Questions asked per hour (last term)

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Wondering how many questions were asked during a specific hour frame last term? The Questions by Hour statistics are now available in a user-friendly graphical format as well as the excel spreadsheet.
The graphical format condenses questions from all institutions together, to show exactly how many questions are asked in each hour block.
If you’re comparing this document to the excel spreadsheet, please note that questions shown in the spreadsheet in the hour preceding or following open hours (representing questions coming in at 9:55am, for instance) have been folded into the actual AskAway open hours.
To view the Questions by Hour statistics, please go to the For Local Administrators tab of the Librarians’ Portal

QP Install This Sunday

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Hi folks,
Just a heads-up: QP is installing a new release of the QP software early on Sunday morning (March 2). The last time they did an install there were some server issues, so if you are staffing this Sunday, be prepared… If you do experience difficulties during your shift, keep trying to log in – QP usually resolves server issues fairly quickly.
The new install will result in some changes to the patron interface:
To meet accessibility requirements, the viewport and chat box/transcript area have switched sides: the viewport for the patron will now appear on the right side of the screen, and the chat box and transcript on the left. Co-browsing will also take place on the right side instead of the left.
In addition, patrons will be able to set preferences, changing font faces and sizes, color combinations, and whether or not they want an audible signal when a new message comes in.
This QP install also gives libraries the option to install the Qwidget on any library webpage, a Meebo-like utility that will allow patrons to log into AskAway from any webpage, meeting them at their point of need. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting new development!
This install’s changes to the Reports features of the QP Administrator accounts will be covered in an up-coming Brown Bag session.
For more details about this install, see the QP blog posting:

Service Provider Survey – Results and Answers

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Results from the AskAway Service Provider Survey are now available on the Librarians’ Portal.
Additionally, we have created a document called You Asked…We Answer. Any comments or questions from the survey, to which we were able to respond immediately, have been listed and answered!
You can access these documents in two ways:
1. Check out the survey.
65 service providers responded to the survey. Results of the survey, including statistics, are available on this page: Service Provider Survey Results.
Comments are linked from this page. If you made a comment, and would like to see if it has been answered, find the survey question on which you commented. Click on the link to see the list of comments for that survey question. Then, scroll through the list of comments until you find your own. Look for a blue “You Asked…We Answer” link.
2. Check out the You Asked…We Answer page
You can also bypass the survey and go straight to the You Asked…We Answered page. This page covers such topics as: prevention and recovery from certain technical glitches, privacy, authentication, instant messaging, and many more! Even if you didn’t make a comment on the survey, this page may address a burning question that you have.

Communicating during a technical glitch

Monday, February 25th, 2008

We’ve had a few irate comments from patrons, saying that the service provider has “rudely” chosen to end the session.
Of course, we as service providers know that there was no rudeness intended – that this must have been a technical glitch. So how can we communicate this with our patrons?
Patrons do not have the green square/yellow diamond/red circle indicator to show the status of the connection. If the service provider sees the yellow diamond, then the red circle, and so closes the session, all the patron will see is the message: “Librarian ended chat session.” Without any other indication of what’s going on, you can see how this might be interpreted as rude!
Sending a quick message such as “Are you still there?” or “Can you see my messages?” will quickly communicate what is happening.
The TechTrouble – Refresh Browser script might also be useful in this case. Here is the text of the script:
It looks like you are disconnecting from this chat session. If this is not your intention, please click the Refresh button on your browser.
This clearly communicates the situation to the patron, and also provides a possible solution.
Please note: most of the comments from the patron survey have been positive. In particular, 95% of respondents indicated that they would use AskAway again. Well done, everyone!

Recording of Brown-bag: Orientation to KUC Library Website

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

The recording of the Brown-bag presentation: Orientation to the Kwantlen University College Library Website is now available on the Librarians’ Portal.
To access it, go to:
Or, on the Librarians’ Portal, go to the Professional Development tab, then click on “Recordings of Previous Sessions”.