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Public Library AskAway Re-opens Tomorrow

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

We are very pleased to announce that public library AskAway will be re-opening for service tomorrow, November 1st. Hours will be the same as before:
Sunday to Thursday, 10am to 10pm
Friday and Saturday, 10am to 5pm
As before, when appropriate please make referrals to the public library service by directing folks to
– Sunni

QP Reports Webinar Recording now available

Monday, October 29th, 2007

The recording of the October 22 QuestionPoint Reports Webinar is now posted on the QuestionPoint training page
Scroll down the page to the section for LiveMeeting Recordings and click on the QuestionPoint Reports Webinar link.
For questions about this recording, please contact:
Becky Hawk
Product Support Specialist
OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
6565 Kilgour Place
Dublin OH 43017-3395 USA
Tel. 614-764-6061
Fax 614-718-7370

Journal Loan Periods

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Did you know: journals are “in-library use only” at some institutions? Here is a list of institutions and their journal lending periods:
In-library use only:
CAP – most periodicals except some graphic arts ones
CNC – except for employees
NIC – exceptions may be permitted for faculty upon request
SFU – with exceptions under special circumstances
TRU – students
UBC – except Math, Law, and Asian Library journals
VCC – current issues of certain periodicals
1 day:
KUC – students
UBC Math Library journals
2 days:
UBC Law Library journals
3 days:
CAP – some graphic arts periodicals
KUC – faculty and staff
TRU – on campus faculty
VCC – some periodicals
1 week:
UBC Asian Library journals
VCC – some periodicals

Search Engines for Kids

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Since the Public Library version of AskAway has been closed, we have been receiving increased numbers of questions from high school and elementary school students.
Having heard so much about “freedom of information”, I thought we’d be able to use Google to do the searches, but I’ve discovered that the students’ reading level can be really prohibitive when relying on a standard search engine.
Therefore, I’ve found some lists of kids’ search engines that we can use to help students with their questions. Hopefully we can take these students to a kids’ search engine and help them search it just as we would do with a post-secondary patron.
Lists of recommended search engines:
SearchEngineWatch: Kids’ Search Engines
Kids’ Tools for Searching the Internet
Search Engines and Directories for Children and Education
Google Directory: Kids and Teens
Google Directory: Homework Help

Tech tip: clicking links in email causes chat window overwrite

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

Here is a technical tip posted by Bill Pardue on the QuestionPoint-L listserv:
If you’re using IE7, you may have had the following situation while working with QP:

  • You go into Outlook to read some e-mail.
  • You click on a link in the message.
  • Moments later, a QP session comes in and you can’t find your chat window (but it keeps ringing!)
  • After looking around all over the place, you finally find it in a tab that isn’t currently the active one…but you’ve missed the call.
  • Worse, you just close all your windows (even the one asking if you want to close all your tabs!) and then you just have to log back in again.

Tabbed browsing is cool, but the fact that links from other programs (like your e-mail software) usually get sent to a new tab in the most recently-used window has caused problems for some librarians who are new to the tabbed environment in IE7. Plus, if the Chat window isn’t the “top” tab, its name won’t display in the task bar, so if you have lots of windows open, you may have to dig around for Chat.
However, there’s a simple fix!

  • In IE7, go to Tools/Internet Options.
  • Under the General tab, look for the Tabs section and click on Settings
  • Look for the “Open Links from other programs in:” section and select A new window

This setting will keep your e-mail software, etc. from opening a new tab over your chat window. It does, of course, open more windows on your desktop, so if that’s more of an issue for you, then simply ignore this.